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ID&A is the innovative education and empirical research platform for ‘Interior, Design & Architecture’, with a tangible impact on the societal challenges of tomorrow. Passionate and decisive, open-minded and self-critical, hands-on and virtual.


Our unit is part of Cumulus, The New European Bauhaus and founding member of GIDE (Group for  International Design Education), along with partner schools from Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK, Switserland and Serbia.
Within this group, third-year interior design students work on a common theme each year and a workshop week is organised in one of the partner schools.

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Belgium – Mechelen – Interior, Design and Architecture
Belgium – Liège – ESA Saint-Luc
Denmark – Aalborg – UCN
France – Paris – LISAA
France – Nantes – LISAA
Germany – Magdeburg – Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal
Germany – Düsseldorf – HSD
Germany – Mainz – Hochschule Mainz
Italy – Milano – Politecnico Di Milano
Italy – Milano – Naba
Kosovo – Prishtine – Kolegji AAB
Lithuania – Vilnius – Vilnius College of Design
Portugal – Matosinhos – ESAD
Portugal – Funchal – Universidade Da Madeira
Serbia – Beograd – FSU
Slovenia – Ljubljana – Fakulteta Za Dizajn
Spain – Madrid – UDIT
Spain – Madrid – UFV
Spain – Murcia – ESD
Spain – Valencia – UPV
Spain – Valencia – EASD
Spain – Santander – Cesine
Sweden – Växjö – Linneaus University
Switzerland – Mendrisio – SUPSI
The Netherlands – Middelburg – HZ University
The Netherlands – Deventer – Saxion

Australia – Melbourn – RMIT
China – Wuxi – Jiangnan University
Cuba – Havana – ISDI
Mexico – Garza Garcia – UDEM
South Africa – Kaapstad – INSCAPE
United Kingdom – Dundee – DJCAD
USA – Denton Texas – UNT
Vietnam – Hanoi – RMIT


GIDE network

Casper Pellens – SO3
Furniture Design

Nout Kuppens
Applied Architecture – House


At the Interior, Design & Architecture Unit, we strive for inspiring designs with a profound commitment to the core values of Thomas More: Courage, Enthusiasm, Focus, and Trust. These values form the basis of our efforts to contribute to the mission and vision of Thomas More, while addressing seven specific challenges defined by Thomas More.

Students Furniture Design on the road – Milano

1. Excelling in education

We provide excellent education that prepares our students for the challenges of the modern world. Our programs embrace innovative approaches and practical experiences, enabling our graduates to enter the workforce with confidence and enthusiasm. The Thomas More diploma remains exceptionally relevant in a rapidly changing society and a disruptive job market.

2. Research that matters

Our pursuit of excellence extends beyond the classroom. We are committed to research that has a positive impact on our society and the design and architecture world. By pushing the boundaries of knowledge, we contribute to solutions for global challenges.

3. Building an inclusive community

We recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in our education and research. We aim to create a community where everyone feels welcome and where diverse perspectives are valued and respected.

4. Sustainability in action

Circularity and sustainability are essential in our design philosophy. We take responsibility for promoting and practicing ‘environmentally friendly design’ and encourage our students to embrace the principles of sustainability in their work.

5. Fostering Innovation

With courage and focus, we strive for innovation in design and architecture. We encourage creativity and are committed to developing new approaches and technologies that advance our disciplines.

6.Local and Global Engagement

We believe in the power of collaboration and engagement. Our unit collaborates with local and international partners to realize projects.

7. Personal Growth and Well-being

The well-being of our students, staff, and faculty is central to our mission. We support personal growth, resilience, and a healthy work-life balance.


With a solid foundation in Thomas More’s values of Courage, Enthusiasm, Focus, and Trust, we embrace the challenges ahead of us and strive for a better future. Our efforts are aimed at fulfilling the mission and vision of Thomas More, and we are determined to achieve this with dedication and passion.

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Piet Vandewalle