GIDE – GROUP FOR INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION is an international consortium of 6 higher education art and design European institutions, established in 2003, who collaborate annually in order to enrich the creative and cultural experiences of students, staff and participating institutions.

GIDE’S main objectives are to promote the exchange of design approaches, best practice and widen the intercultural experiences across the European Union and beyond. GIDE promotes the exchange of design education with an ethical dimension exploring multidisciplinary and intercultural experiences, working practices and competences designed to raise awareness in students of the future of their professional networks.


Every year the third year students Interior Design work on the GIDE project. Gide stands for Group for International Design Education  and part of the collaboration is a shared assignment that students around the world work on.

The theme of this year is ‘Camping Mechelen’

Design an urban camping spot for minimum 2 persons or including a shelter / tent / sleeping facility of space to bring your own tent / trailer.
Pay attention to context and work with sustainable materials only! GREEN TOURISM.

A workshop with 9 international partnerschools moderated by ID&A.

See below the results.