Our Postgraduate Space and Service Design teachers and researchers shared their insights on educating future proof designers at the international Conference “Teaching in a Time of Change” coordinated by the research group AMPS.

The conference offered a platform for multiple and diverse perspectives and interpretation of online education and research as it stands today. All inspiring thoughts and talks are published and can be downloaded as of today.

The unprecedented changes faced by the world in 2020 produced many challenges and opportunities for the global academic fraternity.
Educational systems required a sudden shift in teaching methods, communicative techniques, the use of the latest digital tools, and a quick revision of learning outcomes.

On the brighter side, teachers and students proved adept at embracing innovation, and “online education” helped academicians connect across the globe; although the success of the transference to online education was not uniform, with some struggling with questions of accessibility and the ability to explore the online possibilities of this new era.”

Check out the contribution of our teachers Nansi Van Geetsom & Andrea Wilkinson: