Not one but two recent projects of the students Space and Service design of Thomas More in Mechelen will be implemented in the near future.

Elderly Care Centre De Lisdodde

A few months ago we presented you the space and service concept for the elderly care centre ‘De Lisdodde’ in Mechelen (see link). The staff and management team came to the Thomas More students with one question: “How can the outdoor spaces in and around ‘De Lisdodde’ be used as a catalyst for healthy lifestyle, well-being and unite people?”. Each of nine group of students tackled this challenge and came up with a unique garden concept for the home.  

Recently the Lisdodde team has selected one project that will be executed for real! The chosen concept is one by Céline Liekens, Rose Kendall and Bram Vanden Eynden called: ‘ De Laurier’ and it’s all about tea. “ We designed a tea experience that all people are welcome to enjoy: residents, visitors and neighbours. Under the shade of the trees, one can sit with friends and family in a cozy private space and feel connected to each other by doing an activity together. This activity is the making of fresh tea. Next to the sitting area are planting beds with fresh herbs, which can be freely picked and used to make a delicious tea.”  The team of De Lisdodde is currently working on putting these ideas into practice. 



Mama Sabina Health Care Centre

In January 2019, the Space & Service Design students held an exhibition about the ‘Mama Sabina’ healthcare centre (see link). This is a project that was brought to us by a Belgian non-profit that is active in Uganda, called ‘Ekisande’. Again nine groups of students came up with a concept for the centre and the service around it.  

One project was selected by the jury, consisting of not only lecturers of the Unit Interior, Design & Architecture of Thomas More, but also Dirk Van Merode, who is a founder of Ekisande vzw and knows the ins and outs of the project; Lieven D’haese, project coordinator sustainable materials and infrastructure at ‘Medics Without Vacation’ and Wendy de Vaal, who is a lecturer at Thomas More in mental health and transcultural nursing. Different experts and stakeholders were involved throughout the entire design process. Six selected projects of Mama Sabina project will be exhibited 23 March 2019 at the KBC building in Brussels on a Medics Without Vacation event.

But only one project will be developed further into reality. The project by Ying Liu, Pauline Verbeke and Emma Verhas was considered to be the most holistic one and will be implemented in Uganda. Be sure to check out the banner below! Two members of the team, Pauline and Emma, are currently in Bewara in Uganda to work on the further development of their space and service design concept.

They will be hosted by Father Tom in Uganda. He has been very enthusiast about the proposals: “To be honest, it was heart-breaking and tears were rolling into my heart as I read each piece of the presentation banners! The students did an excellent job, research and information display. I am sure we will have to integrate every piece into the final master piece.” To be continued, so stay tuned.



This blog post was written by students Pauline Verbeke & Emma Verhas.