At the start of the academic year, we were asked by the @vrijbroekpark to make playing in their park more inclusive. With full enthusiasm and determination we started this project. We conducted a lot of research which was very important for the further steps towards designing.

We worked closely with the client to identify the most promising ideas for the project. To get a better overview from experts, we organized a co-creation workshop where we invited a diverse group to collaborate and share their ideas, thank you all again for your cooperation.

After this we began our journey towards designing the final ideas for this project.

All good stories come to an end, as well as this one. After many months of hard work, we presented our final ideas to a jury of experts yesterday at their park. Each of the four groups had a unique approach to the clients dreams, and we were thrilled to see how well-received our concepts were.

In the evening we had the exhibition open to public, thank you for coming and being interested in our project. You can still visit our project in the following weeks in the Vrijbroekpark.

We want to thank Vrijbroekpark again to trust us with this amazing project. We are proud of the work we have done and wish the park all the best as they continue to make the park a more inclusive and enjoyable place for all.

Group 1: Tözün Atmaca, Shadi Lakishiraz & Jilte Heyvaert

“How can we make the Multi-Movepath more findable, understandable and usable for people with additional needs regarding mobility, language and vision?”

Group 2: Yağız Aracı, Alicia García, Liam McAuley & Katrijn Peeters 

“Multi-Sensory For Everyone provides immersive and educational experiences in public parks. Designed for all, these interactive installations challenge users to fully utilise their senses and connect with the natural world. By framing nature this way the path presents a range of playful experiences to help users learn and engage with their surroundings.”

Group 3: Erick Gonzalez, Iman Javidan, Daniella Levins, & Charlotte Vliegen

“The objective is to facilitate the creation of a multicultural community, in order to achieve diverse interactions at Vrijbroekpark. By creating new partnerships and following the structured set of guidelines and tools, the goal is to create a welcoming feeling for everyone at Vrijbroekpark while enhancing culture and participation in all the playful activities the park has to offer.”

Group 4: Emma Calvo, Fien Demarest & Shaghayegh Mohammadi

“In our current society a lot of young people and older adults are suffering from social isolation and loneliness. Especially the last couple of years due the pandemic. The project RondomOns aims to create a space for intergenerational interaction, play and inclusion in Vrijbroekpark. The solution includes the design of a conversation path, historical question lecturers boards and a multifunctional amphitheater.”

We had an amazing jury at Vrijbroekpark where we got to display our designs to the jury and public!

Thanks again to Vrijbroekpark for this amazing opportunity!