Hi, glad you’re here! We would like to introduce you to the Postgraduates Space and Service Design agency of 2021-2022. As a designer, it is important to do self-study and to know your own DNA: what are your key strengths and what is your potential added value in a design team? 

To make the most of our design team, our agency is divided into various roles based on each person’s individual qualities. This improves SSD’s cooperation and creates a better dynamic. These skills help us to become future-proof designers. Within this role, we are entrepreneurial, perform multiple tasks and take on responsibilities in which initiative and self-reflection are essential.

Elena Kiannu | Finland | Service Designer

Hi! I am Elena, a multidisciplinary specialist with experience in export and international project management. I have years of experience in project management and sales, on one hand, on another hand, I am a creative person with a passion for service design. I studied MBA, Service Design, basics of Interior Design as well as I have years of experience in entrepreneurship.

I am a coach of our design group. It’s a demanding job that requires me to be aware about professional and mental condition of all members of the team. As well as keep in mind requirements of each role and results of the work of our group what needs to be achieved. I also take into account that we are in educational environment. Such environment is more flexible and free in compare to job. In that sense I try to support each member of our team and give advice if it is needed.

If you want to know more about me don’t hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Brent Van Camp | Belgium |
Product Designer

Hi, my name is Brent and last year I graduated as a product designer. As a product designer I have a lot of experience in designing and developing consumer products. But after 5 years of studying I felt that I was lacking something.

I wanted to learn more about human-centered design and the intangible connection between the thing your designing and all the stakeholders involved.

As the entrepreneur of the group I will support my classmates in developing their services to the fullest potential. During this year I will brainstorm together with all the design teams and create innovative business model canvases. This will help all students to elevate their services to the next level.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn to follow my product service designer journey and maybe we’ll meet in the near future.


Britt Pellens | Belgium | Architect & Urbanist

Hello, I’m Britt, an architect and urbanist from Antwerp. Growing up in the city centre of Antwerp and later on moving to Lier, my love for vibrant and dynamic cities arose. As a child I loved to cycle to my school and ballet or violin classes through the cosy city streets. Nowadays I love to travel abroad and I always come back with a lot of inspiration. It fascinates me to learn more about local habits and how this reflects in building methods. I’m passioned about human-centered design approaches and how to include people before, during and after a design process. I’m still eager to learn more about these topics, that’s why the postgraduate Space and Service Design was a match for me!

As one of the two researchers our groups counts, I want to focus on inclusive design and co-creative tools. Hopefully my internship at ‘Endeavour’ will also guide me and I will be able to implement the skills I learned there into my research function. My goal is to involve different kind of references and literature, to represent our multicultural and multidisciplinary class.

Jeroen Schoonheim | Netherlands | Interior Designer

Hallo allemaal! My name is Jeroen from The Netherlands and I am one of those people studying Space & Service Design. After finishing my course as an interior designer at Thomas More in Mechelen I wanted to do something I have always enjoyed. Changing the world for the better and improving life for many. During the past couple of years I have been doing voluntary work in India which inspired me to combine interior design with service design. I guess designing is about people so why not make that the main goal for my career? 

I strongly believe that technology is the future. This is also the reason why I am happy to be the digital wizard of the group. 

If you want to stay up to date about my road to future me you can check out my instagram @Jeroen_sch_ or my Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeroen-schoonheim-7ab047161/

Paulina Czuba | Belgium | Interior Architect

Hi! I’m Paulina, I am an interior architect with a passion for people. In order to further develop my creativity and push back my boundaries, I enrolled in a ceramics course last year in evening classes. I like to take on new challenges and the world of clay is one example of this.

My goal is to strive for more creative, sustainable and people-oriented designs where the experience is unforgettable for the users. I want to delve deeper into user-centred design and improving people’s experience with spaces and services. I want to learn what it is like in practice to design a whole system that meets the specific needs of the user.

As a storyteller of Space & Service Design I want to make an unforgettable statement with storytelling. My main goal is to make the stories fun and interesting for the outside world. In contrast to data and facts, stories make it possible to touch people. Stories are an ideal way to make contact, to persuade, to offer meaning or clarity, to gain audiences or to increase solidarity. Do you want to know the story of SSD? Don’t hesitate and follow me on LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulina-czuba-21797b171/

Sergi Bosque |  Spain | Product Designer

Hola a tots! Em dic Sergi, I’m 23 years old and I am from Barcelona. I studied industrial design and product development engineering. After finishing my degree, I realised that what filled me the most as a designer was to satisfy the needs of the users through my designs. My goal is that they remember beyond a product. I want them to remember a whole experience.

Service design would help me create more relevant and meaningful designs, since service design is a user-centered design modality. It focuses on people’s ambitions and needs.

As the sustainability coordinator I strongly believe that an imminent shift towards a sustainable consumption model in today’s society requires a collective commitment. Although, as individuals there are certain qualities that will facilitate this change. Change needs patient people with tolerance for frustration, committed to their ideals, motivated by the cause and with the power of conviction.

If you want to join me in this awesome and exciting journey do not hesitate to contact me on LinkedIn.

Julie Amy | Belgium | Interior Architect

Hello I’m Julie, 22 years old and living in Antwerp city. I’m an interior architect, but like to call myself a spatial designer instead, by crossing boundaries of traditional design disciplines. I believe there is no such thing as infinite space anymore, so being thoughtful about what to do (or maybe not do) with it is very important. I tend to design for impact and focus on projects that let people feel something. The experience is what counts & that’s where service design comes in.

I’m also the curator & event manager of the group; as a spatial designer I feel a deep connection with creating experiences. I’ll be in charge of coordinating the supporting events, exhibitions and meetup’s. I’m extravert, intuitive thinker & team orientated and like to help our group where needed by using my organisational skills.

Feel free to follow me on my socials and connect even more & check out my ceramics page. https://www.linkedin.com/in/julie-a-285622ab/ https://www.instagram.com/ ymaeiluj_ceramics/

Anthony Chalfoun | Lebanon | Architect

Hallo! Ik heet Anthony. Quite a simple sentence I learned from my time here in Belgium so far. Graduated as an architect with a master’s degree, I went into the professional field where I developed a solid four years of experience in architecture, concept and design thinking, visualisations and on-site execution. Nonetheless, as a designer by heart, I started feeling trapped in the loop of work. I wanted more knowledge and value to my career, and more precisely I wanted to focus my designs towards the experience and the people’s need. So, the next thing I know, I wake up here in Belgium, as a Space and Service student, where I am learning how to create user-centered services, and designing experiences for people to live, work and enjoy.

This year I got the opportunity to be the facility and client manager of the class. On one hand, I will be in direct contact with our clients, answer their questions, and collect feedback and on the other hand, ensuring necessary services and needs of the workplace, my classmate’s logistic support and purchases.

Stay updated and connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-chalfoun-a10ba3108

Tafara Chibebe | Zimbabwe | Interior Architect

Mhoroyi! Ini ndinonzi Tafaranazvo Chibebe but you can call me Tafara.

I am a 24 year old empath from Zimbabwe. My background is in interior architecture but now I am looking to further my design knowledge so that I am able to design as an empath on this Space and Service Design course.

See, I really love helping people! Call it a character trait, a habit, an obsession, it does not change anything I want to improve the livelihood of the next person. That is my goal. To be impactful, to be game changing, to be able to translate my love for helping people into efficient future proof designs for those who need it.

As the social media guru I have the task of updating the public on the student’s activities, where it may be field trips or project processes.

I have already learnt so much and I am eager to learn more as the year goes on. I invite you to follow my journey on this course via Instagram and my LinkedIn page.

Oriana Loo | Netherlands | Interior Architect

Hi! Nice to meet you, my name is Oriana. I am an interior designer with big interest in designing for people. That’s why I have chosen to immerse my skillset and learn more about human-centered design. I would love to take on this challenge and extend my creative boundaries.

For me Space & Service Design is designing according to the needs of customers, so the service is human-centered, competitive and relevant for them. It’s a different way of designing which I want to learn more about.

As the storytellers of the group Paulina and I have the wonderful task to present the activities of the class to the public. We will collect all photos, illustrations, text, press articles, interviews, models, etc. and make all interesting content accessible for you to go and check out.

If you want to know more about me don’t hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Nicolas Saliba | Lebanon | Architect

Hey ! My name is Nicolas, I’m a Lebanese architect exploring new horizon in Belgium.

After Graduating in 2016 with a masters in architecture, I’ve decided to go back to school and expand my knowledge. This time I chose Space and Service Design, a field which is not recognised in my country. Hence, this will be the perfect knowledge to bring back with me, and introduce it to my colleagues and friends.

As a researcher, I can tell you one sentence that explains everything: spending 30 days, to write 30 pages, about one topic is not an easy thing. But challenge is what makes a researcher different from the others. Especially with all this knowledge around us, you will feel ignorant even if you live in a library.

In addition, my role consists on helping my colleagues on finding the right procedure to start and to initiate any project with a better researcher mindset.