Hi, glad you’re here!
The way the school year of 2020 turned out to be was something no-one could predict, but this won’t stop creatives from creating. Before presenting the intriguing projects we have been working on so far, we would like to introduce you to the Postgraduates Space and Service design agency of 2020-2021.

Alessia Van Dooren | Belgium | Interior Designer

After studying Interior Design at Thomas More and specialising in Service Design in my last year, I simply felt like I wanted to learn more! My goal is to strive for more sustainable, human-centred design and make it look aesthetically pleasing as well. I also wanted to know what it would be like to design in a big, international team. My experience studying abroad definitely made me want to work with international people more often and expand my connections. 

In our team, I’m in charge of Social Media. I’ve always loved to learn about different ways to communicate and to see how this translates into the online world. It’s a combination of photography, video, all types of visual skills and promoting as a brand or company, which I’m eager to improve even more! 

Gilles Verset | Belgium |
Interior Designer

Hi! I’m Gilles Verset a qualified interior designer, and I’m full of passion for design in all areas! Why S&SD? Service design is an essential element in several aspects of design. Managing this insight and skill is therefore very important to be as complete a designer as possible. I try to work on as many aspects of design as possible in my daily life like interior and furniture design as well as managing my own fashion line.

To work in all these aspects, I need good planning so that everything runs smoothly, and I can get the most out of everything. That is why I am the planner in our S&SD office. I see if everyone is aware of deadlines, seminars, … I hope to be of great help to our large group, but also to develop myself in this very important task. I am always open for questions or a conversation so don’t hesitate! Kind regards Gilles


Kimberly Vonckx | Belgium | Interior Designer

Hi, my name is Kimberly! Nice to meet you. 
I am an Interior Designer with a passion for people. I believe that compassion and empathy are at the basis of making a good design. By observing, listening and focussing on people’s real needs and dreams we as designers can come up with relevant solutions. Design is more than making pretty things. This is why I have chosen to take part in this Postgraduate course in Service Design. 

As the storytellers of the group, Amber and I will keep you up to date about every step of our design agencies process & work. This year looks very promising so make sure to check social media and the blog from time to time!
There’s a lot of stories to tell, so don’t hold back to ask away when we meet. You can already check out my LinkedIn Profile: 


Lukas van Looy | Belgium | Interior Designer

Hello, my name is Lukas van Looy and I graduated as an interior designer. First of all, I’m studying SSD because I really like to learn but what really triggers me is that you end up in a design agency with people who have done different studies, because of this you learn a lot, but you also get to know other capacities. Also, the process and search between design and people is something I like to discover.

The role that I have in our design agency is the client manager, so I am the contact person between the design agency and people. I help solve questions in order to have clear communication between our design agency and the client. 

Mira Claessens | Belgium | Interior Architect

Hello! My name is Mira. I’m an interior architect. During my previous studies, I’ve always had a big interest in human-centred design. When I graduated last year, I was really convinced that I wanted to expand my knowledge in that area. Today, I’m very happy to be part of this nice and close team of students and teachers. I feel way more connected with what I’m designing than ever before. I’m also learning in practice what it means to design a whole system that fulfils the specific needs of the user. 

In our team, I have been appointed the role of sustainability coordinator. It is my task to develop, coordinate and promote effective sustainable initiatives to reduce the University’s impact on the environment. It’s also my responsibility to educate our team about sustainability and creating awareness in all aspects of the projects. I’m very excited to fulfil this role since I have a big heart for nature. 

 If you want to know more about me, check out my Linked-In profile. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mira-claessens/) 

Tafara Chibebe |  Zimbabwe | Interior Architect

I chose to study Space and Service Design to further my design knowledge. With an Interior Architecture background, I felt space and service design would supply me with a focused set of skills that will gear me for the design world. 

My role in the agency is that of an entrepreneur I aim to bring to my small business insight in organising events. 

Carol Sakayan | Lebanon | Interior Architect

Hello! My name is Carole Sakayan. I have a master’s degree in Interior Architecture and five years’ working experience as a high-end contractor. It was my dream to continue my studies abroad after my graduation since 2013, to have a different point of view in design and to change my vision and perspective. Additionally, studying abroad provides a great grounding, giving me a chance to experience divergent cultures and exchange knowledge especially. Last year I decided to start a new stage in my life and apply for the postgraduate “Space & Service Design” at Thomas More. To me, Service Design means making life easier by adapting daily services to the needs of the user. This course makes me think about the quality of my designs and not trying to make quick and false decisions. 

Together with SaarI am the Assistant Researcher in the team. Our task is to evaluate the new Space & Service Design tools by monitoring the usage by bachelor students and Post Graduate students. This entails formulating recommendations to the research team, qualitative research and group interviews. 

Sevdenur Dursun | Turkey | Interior Architect

Hello! My name is Sevdenur Dursun, I am from Istanbul and I am an interior architect. I did my bachelor’s in interior architecture and studied in Thomas More as an exchange student and each study has given me opportunity to explore new ideas and different perspectives. 

After my bachelor’s, I decided to study Space&Service Design, alongside students from a diverse range of creative disciplines in design, art and architecture. I believe, studying SSD a chance for me to enrich my knowledge and understand how to involve intangible aspects of a design as an interior designer. 

Helder Rosa | Portugal | Industrial & Product Designer

My name is Hélder Rosa, I’m a 33-year-old Industrial/Product Designer and I come from Portugal. I have some experience with ceramics, having spent almost 9 years working in the industry, but also with other materials. Last year I came to Belgium and this year I decided to join the Post Graduate course in Space & Service Design at Thomas More in Mechelen. 

My aim when I joined the course at Thomas More was to improve and learn new perspectives that will help me evolve and bring added value to a future venture, more than I can right now, as I still feel incomplete. This is being a very interesting experience and I hope I can evolve even more during my time here at school. 

Saar Vande Kerchove | Belgium | Industrial Designer

Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Saar and I am an industrial designer from Belgium. During my education, I discovered that I have skills and interest in sustainable design, creative communication, user-centred design and research. This is where my path crossed with Space and Service Design which includes all 4 aspects. This year I want to develop this skillset furthermore and learn new competences as well. By mastering these skills I hope to create services and design in the future that will deliver an added value for people and the environment. This task starts already today by taking up the role of designer-researcher in our design agency. 

Together with Carole, I will finetune the space and service design-tools that we use during the design process, this way we as a team can point out the needs of stakeholders, create great customer journeys… to end with developing relevant designs.  

Andrej Arnaudovski | Republic of North Macedonia | Industrial Designer

Здраво пријателе ! Who am I, you ask? Well, to begin with, my name is Andrej Arnaudovski and I come from Republic of North Macedonia. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial design. When asked, why did I choose to study “Space and Service design”, several answers pop into my mind.  

Firstly, it encompasses a tremendous palette of design processes, design methods & techniques and design disciplines. Secondly, to adopt and learn new technologies, to design shapes of spaces and objects for the satisfaction and well-being of all users. Last but not least, striving to further upgrade my knowledge of user-centred experiences, service contexts and research for design. To quote “Marty McFly” on this, “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything”. 


I am the team’s ICT manager. I am responsible for our digital databanks and to help everyone on the team who has problems with hardware, software and internet.

Sepide Mehralian | Iran | Architect

My name is Sepide. I am an Architect and Architecture Teacher. My role in our design agency is an entrepreneur. After 7 years of working on various architectural projects, I decided to continue my study in the Space and Service Design program at Thomas More. I chose this field because firstly, it is an emerging program in design and architecture area. Moreover, it focuses on user-centred design and boosting people’s experience of spaces and services. It does not matter that you want to build a new building, produce new furniture or tools, or renovate an interior or exterior of a building, the main aim is making better sense and experience of your creation for who is using it. A great combination of creativity, innovation, initiative and art to create a better moment for people. That is Space and Service Design!

Amber De Coen | Belgium | Graphic Designer

Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Amber De Coen and I am a student of this postgraduate course. Before entering this course, I did my bachelor and my master’s in graphic design illustrations at Sint Lukas Antwerpen. During my masters, I developed an interest in social- and service design, which finally lead me to enter this course. I believe moving to more human and natured centred design is our only way to a sustainable future. Communities, social structures and our environmental situation is rapidly changing,  it only seems natural to let the rest of the physical world transform and grow with them. I can’t wait to get to know you too, you can always contact me on my LinkedIn profile.  


Pjotr Vandierendonck
| Belgium | Industrial Product Designer

After studying Industrial product design, I was looking for a new challenge. Starting the Postgraduate Space & Service Design seemed like an interesting way to widen my skills and learn how to deal with the bigger picture. Learning not only to make products within services but also design stand-alone services and the spaces they’re in is a good way to broaden my horizons. This is an extra experience that will help me in my future career. 
In our design agency, I am the team manager. This means that I try to make our teamwork like a well-oiled machine. Getting the chance to try this out in a semi-professional setting is a great way to learn and get better at a skill that I already used in my free time as a group leader in youth work. I care about the team and hope that everyone feels well in it.  

Reinout Van der Hauwert
| Belgium | Industrial Product Designer

Hi, my name is Reinout and I studied Industrial Product Design. During my study, I laid my focus on sustainable and user-centred design. With Space and Service Design, I have the opportunity of enrichening my knowledge of user interaction, and to learn a lot from fellow colleagues-students.

With my role of Facility Manager, I want to ensure a productive space for the group, as well as ensuring transport to company visits. You can check out my LinkedIn page here: 


Daria Danilchenko | Russia | Transport Logistic Designer

Hey, my name is Dasha! I’ve always been thinking: “How can I make people happier with my art?”. It was not easy to answer but then I found out about the Postgraduate course Space and Service design. My bachelor was Management in Transport Logistics and I know that it’s totally different but I finally understood that I can create useful things that will make people’s lives better. That’s why I’m here with this inspiring community of teachers and students having different backgrounds. I am at the beginning of my designer path and I am already in love with it.

As a part of Social Media Guru’s team, I’m excited to share this journey. I am pretty sure it’s going to be amazing. 

Olivier Van hamme | Belgium | Interaction Designer

Hello, my name is Olivier. I am the Designer Teacher at our Design Agency at Thomas More.

I am originally trained as a Product & Furniture designer, but I specialised in Interaction Design early on. I make humans do things. With Service Design I want to expand this to organisations, make them accomplish a common goal apart together. Service Design is User Experience Design but on a macro level. This year my goal is to get accustomed to the human-centred Design methodology of IDEO with real-life projects that are part of the Postgraduate degree. The methodology makes you feel a bit like an ethnographer, which I love.

The plan is to go full circle: combine my knowledge of iOS coding with User Experience Design, Service Design, and if needed, Product Design. This way I hope to be better equipped to face the challenges that are triggered by Climate Change.