Narrating house numbers

a photographic story by Sepide Mehralian

A foreign architect. A city in quarantaine. Me wandering through its unfamiliar streets, trying to get to know its people.

I am eager to tell them about art and culture in my home country and learn about their culture and customs. But the streets are empty, there’s silence where people have been. The silence invites met to turn off my mobile map and to get lost discovering its alleys.

As an architect, I am intrigued by each house in this city; It catches my attention through its brickwork, the shape and amount of windows, the ornaments, and …

its house numbers….

The city contains a variety of house numbers! House numbers don’t follow a particular architectural or artistic style. Each house number has a unique design, with a different story. It tells the story of the inhabitants of that house.

So, what if I their house number can help me to get to know the people of this beautiful city better. The city is in quarantaine. I wander through the streets, slowly getting to know the inhabitants through their house numbers.

Please join me on my journey and listen how each of these numbers tells you the story of a house and its inhabitants.

This collection includes photos I took during my 10 months of study in Mechelen. (Some of them were taken in Antwerp)