donderdag  16 maart 2023




“Make a difference” that is Omlab's mission and method. They research, design and make with 100% respect for nature and the future. Omlab is a circular biobased studio, specialized in R & D. At Omlab, that abbreviation stands for research & development and material research and design.
Omlab wants to provide an answer to global issues such as climate change, CO2 emissions, loss of biodiversity and other questions by smart, regional, environmentally friendly solutions. Solutions that do justice to the rights of this planet and everything and everyone on it. Omlab explores products for construction, soil and biodiversity with its own circular, biobased material inventions. One does not exclude the other.

‘Connected Choices’
Huub Looze & Margreet van Uffelen, co-founders of Omlab, will give a duo lecture in which they discuss their quest to create more sustainable options for designers, architects and clients. They also talk about their design methodology 'Building biodiversity' in which each step reinforces the next.


Campus Lucas Faydherbe | Atelier 2
Zandpoortvest 16 | 2800 Mechelen
aanvang 20:00
The lecture is free but registration ('inschrijven'-button) is recommended
This lecture is in English


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